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The Rainbow Lampshade Shop

Portland, Oregon landmark

Lamps, Shades, and Finials

Below are some examples of our wide selection of lamps. However, we do not guarantee one particular style at any one time. We also carry a wide variety of in stock lampshades in different shapes, sizes and fabrics. We stock both hard back, soft lined and glass replacement shades.

Soft Lined Shades

Traditional Bell Inverted Corner Coolie Oval Bell
Imperial Creme Scallop Bell Lamp Shade 10x16x15 (Spider) Imperial Creme Square Cut Corner Shade 10.5x16x14 (Spider) Creme Linen Box Pleat Lamp Shade 7x14x11 (Spider)
Double Scallop Cut Corner Square Box Pleated Shades
Inverted Oval Modified Bell Oriental Pagoda
Floor Lamp with Fringe Out Scallop Floor Lampshade Bell Floor Lampshade
Vintage Floor Lampshade Cut Corner Rectangle Scallop Gallery Bell with Lace Gallery

Drums, Drums, Drums

short and tall, wide and skinny, mid-century modern



Hard Back Shades

Uno shades for bridge lamps, floor lampshades that fit reflector bowls, clip on shades, chandelier shades

Empire hard back Rectangle Bell Square Bell


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